Making Little Scholars Everyday...

Infant Programs​ (6 weeks to 15 months)
We customize a daily schedule meeting the needs of each individual infant.  We encourage emotional, social, cognitive, language, and fine and gross motor development daily through play. 

Toddler Programs (16 months to 2 years, 9 months)
Your toddler loves to explore and learn about the world around them.  We encourage each child to experience learning through play and hands on activities. Throughout the day independence and making choices are encouraged as well as using manners and being good friends. 

Young Preschool Programs (2 years, 9 months to 3 years)
Your child will enjoy their days exploring the world around them as they learn through hands on teacher directed activities! Children will engage in learning centers and independent educational play that will add to the learning experience!

Preschool Programs (3 years to 4 years)

Your preschooler ‘s day is structured to help your child make choices, finish projects, and encourage development of their language and cognitive skills through independent and group learning activities. 

Pre-Kindergarten Programs(4 years to 5 years)
In Pre-K, we foster creativity and imaginations while presenting academic learning to help children develop to their full potential giving th0em a strong academic foundation for Kindergarten and beyond. 

Kindergarten Programs (5 years to 6 years)
In Kindergarten, our days and weeks are filled with many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow.  Our program presents ample academic challenges balanced with fun and developmentally appropriate activities and time for reading and thinking.

Creative Scholars After School/School Age Creative/Summer Programs School Age (6 years to 12 years)
As children grow through our program, there comes a time when they transition to another school. Through our program, we have established trust with your child and we want to continue to be by their side to help them conquer any challenges they find in their new school! With this in mind, we offer After School Programs where children as well as Vacation Week Camp and Summer Camp! We use a STEM based philosophy paired with continued academic focus to help continue the children’s love for learning!