What our families are saying:

Little Scholars is a wonderful place for your children to grow. Little Scholars provided a solid foundation for my children for many years. The staff not only dedicate themselves to the kids educational growth but they also provided wonderful care and love to the children like they were their own. The genuine love was nothing short of amazing. I left for work every day with ease knowing they were in great hands. The solid foundation of love, trust and religion taught my children values that they will forever carry with them through life.

- Yinelle Casado (Infant Parent)

Kindergarten Classroom Philosophy

Our kindergarten program is a full day program that offers a variety of learning experiences.

The kindergarten teachers at Little Scholars focus on preparing the children to enter first grade. The curriculum includes teaching self help skills, character development and classroom participation. The teachers are dedicated to providing quality education in an atmosphere that encourages children on their journey through out the year. The curriculum was designed for daily lessons that incorporate learning concepts such as math, reading, writing, science, and Bible.

Kindergarten students end the year showing their loved ones all they have learned with a graduation! Our students have been known to test at a higher grade level once entering public schools and feel prepared moving onto a new chapter.