What our families are saying:

Little Scholars is a wonderful place for your children to grow. Little Scholars provided a solid foundation for my children for many years. The staff not only dedicate themselves to the kids educational growth but they also provided wonderful care and love to the children like they were their own. The genuine love was nothing short of amazing. I left for work every day with ease knowing they were in great hands. The solid foundation of love, trust and religion taught my children values that they will forever carry with them through life.

- Yinelle Casado (Infant Parent)

Infant Classroom Philosophy

At Little Scholars our team of teachers understand that choosing a center for your family is a choice that can leave a lasting impact on your family. Our dedicated staff are passionate in playing a vital role in the transition from home to school. Our infant program is customized with a daily schedule that is flexible to meet the needs of each individual child.

Our experienced teaching team understand that each child starting from infancy, are uniquely designed and our staff is equipped in faciltating a period of learning through play and learning experiences. Our infant program focuses on the key areas for growth such as Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Emotional and Social Skills.

Little Scholars specifically created and designed an infant program for infants that will allow them to explore and make sense of the world around them. Our staff is passionate in creating opportunities for the children in our care to learn, grow and reach the developmentally appropriate milestones to explore and transition into our exciting toddler classroom!