Little Scholars

Every day in Little Scholars Classrooms, children explore new and developing skills to expand their minds, strengthen their bodies, and inspire a love of discovery. With a focus on customized learning, activities are modified to meet the needs of each individual child. We fundamentally believe that every child is unique and our program is designed to embrace and celebrate these extraordinary differences. Read below to learn about our classrooms and age groups.

Infant Programs​ (6 weeks to 1 year)

We customize a daily schedule meeting the needs of each individual infant. We encourage emotional, social, cognitive, language, and fine and gross motor development daily through play.

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Toddler Programs (1 to 3 years)

Your toddler loves to explore and learn about the world around them. We encourage each child to experience learning through play and hands on activities. Throughout the day independence and making choices are encouraged as well as using manners and being good friends.

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Preschool Programs (3 years to 4 years)

Your preschooler ‘s day is structured to help your child make choices, finish projects, and encourage development of their language and cognitive skills through independent and group learning activities.

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Pre-Kindergarten Programs (4 years to 5 years)

In Pre-K, we foster creativity and imaginations while presenting academic learning to help children develop to their full potential giving them a strong academic foundation for Kindergarten and beyond.

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